Considering Energy Efficient Windows For Your Illinois Home? Read This!

There is an overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation) out there for the homeowner who is looking to make their home more energy efficient.   One of the most common home improvement projects to improve energy efficiency would be new energy star rated windows. If you own an older home let’s say more than 20 years old and the windows … [Read more...]

Understanding The Cost Of Finishing Your Basement

So how much is your basement remodeling project going to cost you?  This is a very common question we are asked as a home remodeling contractor.  Many homeowners do not realize how much effort, material and professional labor goes into finishing a basement in an Illinois home. The basement is generally the largest unfinished space in your home … [Read more...]

Why Hire A Professional To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home?

For some homeowners painting the exterior of their home on their own is a way for them to save money on a much needed home improvement. For other homeowners with the financial means they’d much rather just pay the professionals to come and do the work saving their time for more enjoyable activities. If you are in the former category (trying to … [Read more...]